Poker is a very popular card game, which has its roots in North America. You can play it in your home, at a traditional casino or online.

This game is a classic and has existed since the 17th century, or earlier. Many believe the game we know today was inspired by Poque, an old French parlour game.

It was brought to America by French traders and sailors at New Orleans. It was originally played with a 20-card deck, which evolved to the 52-card deck we have today.

Although there are many forms of poker, all require that players place bets against each other. Depending on the IDN Poker Indonesia hand, players can call, raise, or concede the bet.

Online Poker is gaining popularity 

Online poker has seen a rise in popularity since its introduction in the 1990s. Gammastack reports that online poker sites have seen a 30% rise in traffic over the past two years.

Because they are fun and don’t require advanced skills, poker games are very popular. These games offer players the chance to win big by trying their luck .

There are many online poker sites available today, and it is easy to find them. You can find good articles that list the top casinos you can trust. This BonusFinder article lists the top casinos in New Jersey. Click here to read the full article .

Different types of poker games 

It can be difficult to find the right game for you online, as there are so many. The many poker games can be categorized based on their game variations and scoring variants.

1] Types Based On Game Variations 

There are four types of game variation classifications, as shown below.

a] Draw Poker 

Draw poker is a popular form of poker that allows players to draw a deck of cards at the start of the game. To get the best hand, you must draw 5 or 7 cards (five or seven card draw),

This category allows players to swap a maximum three cards in order to receive new cards from the dealer. If you are playing a Draw game, it is important to strategize in order to make a call on which cards to be exchanged (if any).

Examples Badugi, California High/Low split, Kansas City Lowball and Seven-Card Draw

b] Stud Games 

The possibility of exchanging cards is eliminated in a Stud game. The player must start with the first hand of cards that they are dealt.

Stud games are much easier to play because there are no strategies and they are purely luck.

Examples – Wild Cards, Canadian Stud and New York Stud, Five-Card Stud

c] Community Card Games 

Two sets of cards are required for community card games: hole cards and the community cards. Only the players can use the hole cards, while others can use the community cards.

Examples: Texas Hold’em Poker. Irish Poker. Omaha Hold’em

There are also Miscellaneous games, which do not fit into one of the above categories. There are also Mixed games, which combine more than one draw type. H.O.R.S.E. is an example of this. H.O.R.S.E. is one example.

2] Types Based On Scoring Variations 

The winning player is determined by the method of scoring. These are the classifications of poker games based on their scoring variations:

High Hand Games 

A High Hand game is one where the best players win based on the standard ranking for poker hands. This is the most popular method of scoring in poker games.

Examples: Texas Hold’em and Seven-Card Stud

b] Low Hand Games 

This is the exact opposite of High Hand Poker. The player with the weakest hand wins. This is also known as Lowball poker.

Examples: California Lowball, Deuce-to-Seven Lowball, Razz

c] Hi/Lo Split Games 

The Hi/Lo Split is a combination game of High Hand and Lower Hand variants. The prize money is split equally between the players who have the highest and the lowest hands.

Examples: Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, Omaha High-Low

Popular Online Poker Games


One or more of these types of poker are the most popular online. With the advent of advanced technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), online poker has a bright future.

Live streaming of poker will become the norm, along with enhanced mobile poker gaming. This will allow poker players to enjoy a unique gaming experience right from their own homes.